Minecraft plugins that I have created

Text Replacement

This plugin is a text replacement plugin, if you were to say a word or phrase, it would replace it with whatever you want. The default config options are the Hypixel ‘ez’ messages and a few other easter eggs. The replacement text is fully customizable.

🔗 You can download this plugin here

📌 Released as of 31/12/2019 // Updated as of 13/12/2019


This plugin is my first real plugin, it’s called ‘MasterVote’ it’s a plugin that shows your vote links when a player runs /vote. It is fully customizable to your needs.

🔗 You can download this plugin here

📌 Released as of 14/09/2019 // Updated as of 14/09/2019


This was my first plugin, it’s main purpose is for testing, this is not meant to be used in a server seriously.

🔗 You can download the plugin here

⚠ The plugin is intended for 1.8.9 so some aspects might break if used in a 1.9+ server.