Twitch Overlay Instructions

Random Clip Player

With credit to ShaderWave

To use this, you will need to create an application on Twitch
  1. Go to
  2. Go to "Your Console" (top right)
  3. Go to "Applications" > "Register Your Application"
  4. Name it, and select an appropriate category
  5. Add an "OAuth Redirect URL" as ""
  6. Press "Create"
  7. Press "Manage" next to the Application you just created
  8. Copy "Client ID" and generate a new "Client Secret"
  9. Paste the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" in the fields to the right
  10. Press "Generate" (on this page), and then you will have your overlay URL
  11. With your URL generated, go to OBS and create a new browser source
  12. Put the generated URL as the URL and set the dimensions to 1920 x 1080
  13. Delete the "Custom CSS"
  14. Then check "Shutdown source when not visible" and "Refresh browser when scene becomes active"
  15. Press "OK" and you're good to go!

NOTE: Do NOT share your URL or Client Secret.

Generate your URL